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July is Child Centered Divorce Month — Reaping the Rewards

Many studies indicate that children experience less emotional distress or trauma due to parental separation than from the emotional turmoil of a severely troubled intact family. Having herself grown up in a “stay together for the sake of the kids” troubled family, Sedacca feels there is much truth to these reports. Sedacca reminds us of the framework from which we need to parent when we are charged with the responsibility of raising children of divorce.

Summertime Custody Chaos: I thought there were seven days in a week !

When I went to school, I learned that there are (7) seven days in a week. How about you? Have you ever had an argument with your ex over the scheduling of summer vacation? You are definitely not alone if you can relate. As summer approaches, so do the numerous parental skirmishes, often replete with […]

Getting The Other Side on Board: Collaborative Strategy

By Michael A. Mastracci Chances are that if you are going through a separation or divorce with children stuck in the middle and if you are reading articles, blog posts, searching the net, hitting the library, buying books, talking to counselors and looking for peaceful alternatives to contested litigation such as mediation and collaborative divorce […]

What are we teaching our children of separation and divorce

I stumbled upon a quote, while reading some other blogs, that may be of interest if you have children, especially young children, and you are going through a moderate to high-conflict divorce. Nearly 20 years ago a well known Canadian Jurist, The Honorable Justice John Gomery stated “Hatred is not an emotion that comes naturally […]

Spiritual Laws to Help with Divorce – The Law of Choice

There is no way we can control the situations that life may bring us, but we can control how we respond to these situations. The power of choice is ours, and it allows us to see old events in a new way.  Looking back at our old choices, we can make the new choice to […]

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