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Divorce and Child Custody: It isn’t about you!

When engrossed in a child custody or child access dispute replete with hurt feelings, old wounds, fear and uncertainty, it is sometimes too easy to forget that it isn’t about you. People will all too often try to justify their plans and actions in restricting access to the children during separation and divorce while trying […]

Spiritual Laws to Help with Divorce – The Law of Choice

There is no way we can control the situations that life may bring us, but we can control how we respond to these situations. The power of choice is ours, and it allows us to see old events in a new way.  Looking back at our old choices, we can make the new choice to […]

Divorcing Parents: Don’t Bring Your Battles to Court

You’re getting divorced and you’re angry, resentful, hurt, vindictive or any combination of other painful emotions. You want to lash out, to get back at your spouse or boost your own sense of esteem. Hiring the most aggressive litigious divorce lawyer you can find seems like your smartest choice. Your ex is in for a […]

Spiritual Laws to Help with Divorce – Responsibility

When going through a divorce, the desire to lay blame is strong, and of course, natural. But in order to learn and grow from the situation, and truly heal, we need to look inside of ourselves.  When we can ask ourselves what our contributions to the situation have been, then we’re ready to take an […]

Spiritual Laws to Help with Divorce – Divine Guidance

We may look back on our path to divorce and see a progression of incidents and signs that alerted us that something deeper was happening. Some situations may have seemed random, but ultimately led to a confrontation we weren’t expecting.  The Law of Divine Guidance says that there is a higher power at work—one that […]

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