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Guest Post: What Your Child May Be Experiencing During Your Divorce

What Your Child May Be Experiencing during Your Divorce                                        Source Divorce is an emotional process. Years of love, matrimony and memories all brushed aside for what are all-too-often heated exchanges where the two protagonists suck in their friends, family and worst of all children. However, once the dust settles and […]

Teenagers, Divorce and When (and When Not) to Medicate —— Mark Banschick, MD

Mike the Lawyer asked: “So Doctor Banschick, how do you tell the difference between an upset teen and a teen that needs treatment, and maybe medication?” Find out what Dr. Mark Banschick had to say by following the long pretty link below to Dr. Banschick’s recent Huffington Post expert article:

A Warning for Divorced Parents with Teens: Keep Dads Actively Parenting

By Rosalind Sedacca, CCT I have several divorced friends and colleagues with teenagers who are displaying disturbing behavior problems. These teens, especially the boys, are acting out in all the ways parents pray they never have to experience: drugs, hanging with the wrong crowd, school problems, disrespectful and inconsiderate behavior — you get the idea. […]

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