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The Child Focused Conflict Resolution Center presents Divorce and Child Custody Seminars and workshops in Glen Burnie, Maryland beginning Thursday October 17, 2013. Visit our site and helpful resources for families in transition!

Thanksgiving Transitions for the Divorced and Divorcing Parents

By Michael A. Mastracci If you are separated or divorced and have children stuck in the middle of parental discord, the Holidays often take on special significance in many respects.  Transitioning the children from one house to the other and dividing up time not only between the parties but also involving extended family members, relatives […]

A Smart Parenting Plan Your Best Asset when Parenting After Divorce.

By Rosalind Sedacca, CCT. Parenting plans are becoming more and more recognized as the way for both parents to coordinate their parenting, their lives and their relationship with their children after divorce. In its simplest form a parenting plan puts in writing the agreed upon schedule both parents have created regarding most all parenting arrangements. […]

A Child’s Perspective on Surviving their Parent’s Divorce

Max Sindell is a young man in his early twenties who has written a book for children titled, The Bright Side: Surviving Your Parents’ Divorce. Sindell was six when his parents divorced. Over the next many years he experienced a wide array of significant divorce issues that affect so many families. These include coping with […]

Pets Help Families Through Divorce: Here are Six Reasons Why

Can a pet be helpful to your children during a divorce and the transition after? In my opinion, without a doubt! If your family has one or more pets, let your children have access to them as much as they desire. There is a great emotional benefit to them and your children are fortunate that […]

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