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Lady goes to jail for framing husband in custody dispute

I stumbled upon this on a Face Book post and found it worthy of sharing. This kind of behavior is so much more widespread than people realize. It is not the DWD way ! Pass it on please. Awareness is a good thing!

Your Collaborative Divorce: How many professionals does it take?

By Michael A. Mastracci By now you may have heard of collaborative divorce in the news and around the blogosphere. Collaborative law is a trend that has taken hold and is perhaps at the tipping point of becoming a readily available mainstream method for separating and divorcing couples. There are many incentives and rewards for […]

The Collaborative Paradox

The Collaborative Divorce model requires a commitment on the part of the divorcing couple to work together honestly and with integrity. This article will explore how, within the framework of the collaborative model, divorcing couples must work together in order to live apart. As a team, the primary tasks of the divorcing couple are to […]

Sign Up Now for Collaborative Law Training Course

If you are an attorney or professional interested in the practice of collaborative law, an excellent two-day Collaborative Law Basic Training Course has been scheduled in the Baltimore area for Friday, March 14 and Saturday, March 15, 2008. The course is open to attorneys, mental health professionals and financial professionals but is primarily geared to […]

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