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January is International Child-Centered Divorce Month

As the holiday season and 2013 come to an end, there are many couples who will soon separate and change their family dynamics in the months and years ahead and many of them will need help and guidance. In case you were unaware, January is International Child Centered Divorce Month and there are many little known […]

Divorce Consultation 101

Why should a person hire an attorney that specializes in divorce? If someone is getting divorced they should hire an attorney who specializes in divorce rather than a general practitioner, for example; just like a person who needs a heart transplant should seek the services of a cardiologist rather than a proctologist. Enough said. How […]


The Child Focused Conflict Resolution Center presents Divorce and Child Custody Seminars and workshops in Glen Burnie, Maryland beginning Thursday October 17, 2013. Visit our site and helpful resources for families in transition!

You’re Finally Divorced – Now What Happens to the Car?

The media is rife with affluent celebrity couples waxing lyrical about their amicable relationship with their exes… getting along after a divorce is undoubtedly a laudable achievement but when financial woes gets in the way, peace can be little more than a pipe dream. When two people sincerely want to end a relationship and begin […]

Divorced And Living Together – What Are Your Options If You Can’t Afford To Split?

Imagine the scenario. You’ve gone to counseling, endlessly talked things through, and yet you just can’t salvage your marriage. You decide to divorce, you pack up all your worldly goods, and then you realize you’ve got nowhere to go. It’s not an uncommon scenario, and with the global recession making life harder, many couples are […]

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