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“The Magic Robe” … for those who think a judge will solve it all !

Check out this short You Tube video of the “Magic Robe” speech, by yours truly, that was made in conjunction with the Family Law Coordinators from the Circuit Court for Anne Arundel County as part of the upcoming video series for future Divorce Education and Co-parenting  programs. \”The Magic Robe\” by Mike Mastracci

Divorce and Child Custody: It isn’t about you!

When engrossed in a child custody or child access dispute replete with hurt feelings, old wounds, fear and uncertainty, it is sometimes too easy to forget that it isn’t about you. People will all too often try to justify their plans and actions in restricting access to the children during separation and divorce while trying […]

What is the Divorce Without Dishonor ® 2010 Divorce and Child Custody Boot Camp all about?

I am glad you asked says your host and creator of the Divorce Without Dishonor Blog. About 14 years ago I sat through my first court-ordered divorce education workshop, sometimes referred to as co-parenting classes or other similar benign titles. The purpose of such programs is really to help parents to avoid contested child custody […]

What are we teaching our children of separation and divorce

I stumbled upon a quote, while reading some other blogs, that may be of interest if you have children, especially young children, and you are going through a moderate to high-conflict divorce. Nearly 20 years ago a well known Canadian Jurist, The Honorable Justice John Gomery stated “Hatred is not an emotion that comes naturally […]

Parent/Child Communication – Even More Vital Post-Divorce

It’s no secret that one of the biggest challenges a parent faces after divorce is staying in good communication with your children. Obviously all parents struggle with communication issues as their children grow, but children who have had their lives dramatically altered by separation or divorce need even more attention – and diligent observation by […]

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