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Collaborative Law Is Changing the Face of Divorce

Marriage these days is a 50-50 proposition. According to U.S. census figures, 50% of marriages fail between people 45 and younger. Divorce rates are somewhat better for couples 60 and older, only 36%. Divorce has the reputation of being a vicious, no-holds-barred, tooth and claw fight with the spoils — including children — going to […]

Kate Hudson’s Divorce Protects Son

Two years ago actress Kate Hudson and Black Crowes frontman Chris Robinson divorced after six years of marriage. It’s one of the few Hollywood divorces that hasn’t left a swath of painfully public accusations and hateful recriminations in its wake. Hudson and Robinson continue to have an amicable relationship, a boon for four-year-old son Ryder […]

Divorce Without the Paparazzi

You may not have hordes of paparazzi camped outside your door trying to capture your every move and utterance, ready to broadcast it to the world, but you might as well when you get a divorce. In most states, anyone can sit in the courtroom and watch and listen to your divorce hearings and trial. […]

Collaborative Family Law Center Announced by Chief Judge in New York City

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