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January is International Child-Centered Divorce Month

As the holiday season and 2013 come to an end, there are many couples who will soon separate and change their family dynamics in the months and years ahead and many of them will need help and guidance. In case you were unaware, January is International Child Centered Divorce Month and there are many little known […]

You better watch out ! Someone just told us why !

Okay folks,  the text in italics is what a friend emailed to me. It came came from a post that someone made on a Listserve that he belongs to. If you are separated or divorced and have kids you should read it. Here it is: When I first joined the Listserve, I knew immediately what I […]

‘Tis the Season

Tis the season for:Chapter 23 – Holidays & Vacations Stop Fighting Over the Kids: Resolving Day-to-Day Custody Conflict in Divorce Situations by: Mike Mastracci Scheduling holiday and vacation time with the children can be problematic. Resolving these types of issues can be challenging. Really makes you look forward to them, doesn’t it? The holiday drama […]


The Child Focused Conflict Resolution Center presents Divorce and Child Custody Seminars and workshops in Glen Burnie, Maryland beginning Thursday October 17, 2013. Visit our site and helpful resources for families in transition!

Get Your Future Divorce and Child Custody Content via PODCAST

Hello friend, I need a small favor. If I made free useful and original divorce and child custody content readily available to your phone, your computer or your television (or to devices of people you know or serve), is that something you’d be interested knowing about or receiving on a regular basis? Do you think […]

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