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Book Review by Risa Garon

Risa Garon“STOP Fighting Over the Kids” is must for parents contemplating separation and divorce and all professionals who work with families in transition. Being honest about his own family transition, Mike Mastracci provides a ‘how to’ about the many aspects which parents must deal with in addressing the needs of their children.

Mike found the ‘Big Rock,’ his center, his spiritual place that he shared with his son. He invites us all, particularly parents, to find their own  rocks to help them through and keep the focus of all decisions on the real best interests of their children.

At the same time, Mike addresses all professionals, judges, attorneys, mediators, mental health professionals working with families and challenges us to take the highest road for children. His discussion of collaborative law is particularly meaningful. Collaborative law builds a lasting road map for parents and provides an active voice for children so that their developmental needs are heard and addressed.

It is time in our contemporary society, for each of us who works with families and is part of a family, to define what children really need in order to grow and thrive. Mike Mastracci has accomplished this in his book and in his wonderful relationship with his son, the best testimony to taking the high road which Mike advocates for all of us.

Risa Garon, LCSW-C, BCD, CFLE

Risa Garon is the Executive Director, National Family Resiliency Center. You can visit the National Family Resiliency Center on the Web at

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